Biosafety Cabinet B2


ⅡType biosafety cabinet is a safety equipment widely used in the scientific research, education, clinical testing and production in the field of microbiology, biomedicine, gene recombination, animal experiments and biological products etc,. It applys a large number of unique design and constructions in order to provide the best security protection for the environment, operators and experimental items.

Construction characteristics

ⅡType biosafety cabinet is consist of the cabinet, frameless glass windows, SUS304 stainless steel table-board, front hand rack, built-in waterproof socket, caster, fan, air down flow filter, air exhaust filter, LED lamp, UV lamp, LCD screen controller and alarm system. The cabinet has attrative apperance which is made of high-quality cold-rolled plate processed by laser cutting, CNC equipment and electrostatic sprayed surface, it matched with human mechanics 10 degrees tilt design, makes the operation more comfortable.

Product Introduction

1. User friendly control software interface, simple operation, LCD screen, convenient and meet the customer's needs. Real-time clock display, workspace temperature and humidity display.

2. Preset filter failure and breakdown alarm technology. Control circuit can automatically initiate sound, light and visual alarm prompt when the filters are near to or have reached to their lifetime, the wind resistance increases and the filter damaged.

3. With ULPA filter which can filter the 0.3um particle at 99.999% efficiency, and can filter the 0.1um particel at 99.995% efficiency.

4. It adopts asynchronous motor which imported from Germany, it has advantages of stable running, low noise, small power consumption and low maintenance costs.

5. The front window is tempered glass, which with functions of good explosion-proof, shatterproof and anti-ultraviolet. The equipment designed with 10 degrees tilt angle, which conform with the ergonomic principle, to reduce glare in the largest range.

6. The entire device around negative pressure air duct for left, right and rear cabinet, so that the space between work area and external environment will form air curtain and box type double isolation. In addition, we can make sure there‘s no leakage for our products because the work area surrounded by negative pressure. Cabinet material is cold rolled steel plate in good strength. Working table-board and cabinet inside is stainless steel material, it has good appearance and anti-corrosion. Supportings made by metal and electrostatic sprayed surface. Touch-type switch for control panel, it makes the equipment more wonderful and easy to operate.


Item Biosafety cabinet for single person B2 Small biosafety cabinet for two person B2 Big biosafety cabinet for two person B2
Type B2 - 100% air exhaust
Model KLC-BSC1100ⅡB2-A KLC-BSC1500ⅡB2-A KLC-BSC1800ⅡB2-A
External size (W*L*H) 1100*750*2250 1500*750*2250 1820*750*2290
Internal size (W*L*H) 940*600*660 1350*600*660 1670*600*660
Filtration efficiency (@0.3um) 99.999% 99.999% 99.999%
Average down flow 0.25~0.5m/s 0.25~0.5m/s 0.25~0.5m/s
Average in flow ≥0.5m/s ≥0.5m/s ≥0.5m/s
Light (Lux) ≥800 ≥800 ≥800
Noise (dB) ≤65 ≤65 ≤65
Vibration (μm) ≤5 ≤5 ≤5
Power (V/Hz) 220/50 220/50 220/50

Cabinet Q195/SUS201/SUS304

Table-board SUS201/SUS304

Biosafety Personnel safety: the number of colony of impact sampler≤10CFU/time
The colony number of slit sampler≤5CFU/time
Product safety: the colony number≤5CFU/time
Cross-contamination safety: the colony number≤2CFU/time