BEINGMATE together with KLC, to create high-quality milk production workshop

 BEINGMATE was established in November 1992, headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China , is one of the mainland baby industry, business orientation mainly related to baby products and services. BEINGMATE's mission is to help Chinese babies and children grow up healthily through continuous research and development, manufacturing and operating scientific and safe baby products, as well as warm, professional and friendly maternal and child services.


BEINGMATE's processing plant


      ▲BEINGMATE's processing plant


BEINGMATE's raw milk concentration tank


      ▲BEINGMATE's raw milk concentration tank

Depending on the formulation, different raw milk is assigned to a different mixing zone, each mixed tank with different raw materials mixed in different proportions. Mixed irrigation clean area using KLC air filtration technology.


Mixing tank workshop using KLC air filter


      ▲Mixing tank workshop using KLC air filter




      ▲Dairy mixing tank workshop


Dairy mixing tank workshop


      ▲Milk drying warehouse

Milk distribution workshop and milk packaging area are more stringent requirements for air quality, person access to the workshop must be strictly wearing clean clothes, through KLC air shower inside.


Milk drying warehouse


      ▲Person need to wear clean clothes inside or outside



Person need to wear clean clothes inside or outside


      ▲Milk semi - finished product delivery pipeline



Milk semi - finished product delivery pipeline


      ▲Milk canned packaging production line

KLC provided the most reliable and most worry-free clean workshop solutions to BEINGMATE, concerned about the future of China, focus on the next generation of milk quality.