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Clean Room Booth

Product information

Clean booth, also known as clean shed or clean workstation. It is quick and easy to create as a simple clean room.

Internal clean class can reach up to 100 -100,000 level. In order to reduce the cost of the structure, KLC has changed the traditional design concept, and used mini-clean unit integrated design which is similar to the SMIF forms.

Clean booth has a variety of independent clean area, the only difference is not arm connection, but its operation in airtight clean room. It uses independent air-conditioning and return air system, this advantage of design is flexible, interval easily, low construction costs.

Clean booth can separate between people and equipment or products effectively, also can minimize human interference and pollution , thereby enhancing the rate of qualified products.



compared to the traditional civil style clean room, the cost is greatly reduced


supply clean vertical airflow, maintaining the clean class level of indoor


a standard 10’’ x 10’’ clean both just take a few hours to install, and easy disassemble


bracket type can increase the number of FFU in order to raise the clean class level from ten thousand up to one hundred.


Electronic plant, national defense, precision instruments, food processing, pharmacy, chemical, agricultural, biological, other industrial departments and all kinds of scientific laboratory, etc.

Advanced Configuration

Use independent HEPA filter or ULPA filters

FFU blower consist of advanced clean room