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Regulations of chemicals use in semiconductor dust free room

1.Chemicals in and out must be registered, and inform the administrator, and attach the material safety data sheet (MSDS) on the door of the lab.

2.Please read the material safety data sheet (MSDS) before using chemicals, and inform the administrator.

3.Before Changing acid, must wear acid proof plastic skirt, wear acid long sleeved gloves, wear goggles,foot plastic acid shoes.

4.Don't open the lid of the bottle arbitrarily, after using, lock the lid immediately.

5.When dilute acid, remember to add acid to water, but not add water to acid.

6.Don't try any chemicals but can smell to determine the medicine in the container.

7.Don't shake or invert the container when you don't know what kind of medicine in the container.

8.All chemicals operations shall be in the place of good ventilation or exhaust.

9.To read all the operating specifications when operating the acid.

10.Acid can be together with alkali stored in the storage cabinet with ventilation equipment,but must not be stored together with organic solvent.

11.Waste acid, please put into the waste acid bucket, can not be any dumping, and can not mix with organic solution.

12.The waste organic solution is placed into the organic waste liquid barrel, and can not be poured into the waste acid bucket.

13.Don't change container solution arbitrarily.

14.If need to take the solution by yourself, then need to inform in advance, after permission can take in.If the solution is dangerous, then must be evaluated before it is taken in, and please clearly indicatethe container contents and the time limit on the container.

15.Liquid waste processing: waste acid, alkali, hydrofluoric acid, organic, etc., separate processing andregistration, recycling bins clearly marked, waste barrels containing hydrofluoric acid and acid, absolutely not available hands touching.

16.Leakage or leakage of acid treatment: leakage or acid leakage, to ensure safety, absolutely not be touched by hands,firstly make sure power switch and the valve are closed, then use clean cloth or acid-base adsorber to deal with, and report to the administrator.