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  • The air cleanliness of cleanroom, should undertake the following tests
  • flat foam 2015-05-16
    Air filter in the air purification industry can be described as familiar, but "flat foam" is still feels very strange for many industry people, because it is a new process technology killer for the filter manufacture. It’s a large improvement over the pro
  • Galvanized sheet is the steel plate which has?a layer of zinc-plated for the surface. Zinc is a frequently used economic and effective anticorrosion method, about half of all world zinc output for this process. Galvanized steel is to prevent the steel pla
  • Facing huge orders, KLC’s aim is”no arbitrary, no fuss”, Regarding the raw material, space of production-line, utilization of thousands of filters, will be handled very well by our experienced PMC staff. To achieve partial ,
  • Today's Guangzhou, KLC booth is located in B area 10E55, Pazhou Canton Fair.Gorgeous reproduction, wealthy social status. This is the first time of KLC to participate in such a highly centralized exhibition, But there is no imagination to get such a surpr
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