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  • Dust is greater than or equal to the particle radius shown in the table maximum concentration limits , Pc/m3, Pc/ft3, Pc, Particle
  • KLC 51 phase of equipment installation good poll, Guangzhou days paid communications equipment company the installation of the air shower after several rounds of strict selection, excellent on behalf of clients become our equipment installation smoothly.
  • Industry new benchmark of KLC product: 1500mm width non-splicing HEPA filter, maybe many filter manufacturers have this filter, but who focus on each item and to do the extreme, maybe KLC with such strength only.
  • KLC engineer after many research, made breakthrough in the transfer window view plate joining together now adopted the methods such as plate punching, no two at the top of the seam, the beautiful degree greatly improve the product, seams to avoid the prob
  • In the field of air purification, there is a common phenomenon is the product of plagiarism, copying marketing and management, so that this bad atmosphere has been restricting the development of this industry. However KLC never follow the crowd, it always
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