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  • KLC engineer after many research, made breakthrough in the transfer window view plate joining together now adopted the methods such as plate punching, no two at the top of the seam, the beautiful degree greatly improve the product, seams to avoid the prob
  • In the field of air purification, there is a common phenomenon is the product of plagiarism, copying marketing and management, so that this bad atmosphere has been restricting the development of this industry. However KLC never follow the crowd, it always
  • Early in the morning on 28th June , to meet the morning of that a ray of sunshine, KLC management team began a three-day trip of Yangshuo 。As the saying goes: “Guilin's scenery is the best in the world”. Tourism industry is the leading industry in Guilin,
  • Are you surprised to see such air shower we showed you today? Maybe you have no feelings at traditional white,stainless steel air shower, but this color of air shower, have you seen before?
  • Familiar with KLC air filter knows that the term "flat foam”, it’s the KLC special technology that numerous peer companies unmatched. Flat foam is a technology, of course we apply it well, and make good use of, it will be an art, like dancing on steel wir
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