KLC& Luofu Mountain Sinopharm

September 10, 2021

Traditional Chinese medicine is the crystallization of the civilization of China more than 5,000 years, and it plays an important role in the health of the whole people. At the two sessions this year, the government report clearly stated that the promotion of the revitalization and development of Chinese medicine fully reflects the country's great emphasis on the cause of Chinese medicine and provides a strong guarantee for the inheritance and innovation of Chinese medicine.

In the current prevention and control of CONVID-19, traditional Chinese medicine and integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine also play an active role in the treatment.The National Health Commission proposed in the "Diagnosis and Treatment Plan for Severe and Critical Cases of New Coronavirus Pneumonia" (Trial Version 2), based on the summary of disease characteristics and clinical diagnosis and treatment experience, The diagnosis and treatment plan for severe and critical cases of Convid-19 has been revised, and the content of Chinese medicine treatment has been added.


Among them, a very important link is to improve the air cleanliness of the Chinese medicine production environment. Due to the obsolete equipment of most Chinese medicine companies and the complexity of manual operations, medicines are easily affected by the production environment during the production process. If in a certain process, the medicine is contaminated by microbial particles floating in the air, it may have a serious impact on the quality of the medicine, and even threaten the life and health of the patient.


As a national high-tech enterprise with over 20 years of experiences in the air purification industry, KLC has been committed to developing comprehensive, efficient and high-quality clean air solutions for the bio-pharmaceutical industry. The full range of products covers all kind of air filters, HEPA box, FFU, pass box, air shower, Weighing booth, etc.

Successful solution sharing: Luofu Mountain Sinopharm

Guangdong Luofu Mountain Sinopharm is a modern high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and medicinal planting. The company was founded in 1970 and has more than 50 years of development history. The company invested a huge amount of money to build the "Luofu Pharmaceutical City" integrating production and sales in accordance with GMP standards, covering an area of more than 100,000 square meters and a building area of 120,000 square meters. All the dosage forms and production lines currently owned by the company have passed the national GMP certification. The newly built extraction workshop can process up to 50,000 tons of Chinese medicinal materials per year, making it the largest Chinese medicine extraction workshop in Lingnan. Corporate sales are steadily increasing at an annual rate of 20-30%.

Luofu Mountain Sinopharm has always adhered to the business philosophy of "competing by quality and winning by curative effect". Therefore, strict requirements are put forward for the air cleanliness of the pharmaceutical production workshop. According to customer requested, KLC customized "flat-type primary filter + F8 bag filter + HEPA Mini-pleated Filter" as core in HVAC system, and the clean room is equipped with KLC stainless steel air shower, HEPA box and other purification Equipment to create clean production workshops that meet GMP standard.


▲ The Chinese medicine extraction workshop adopts a fully enclosed automatic extraction system, 

the workshop is Class D. The air is mainly filtered by KLC bag filter and V-Bank filter.


▲ In the medicinal material sorting workshop, the dust particles and peculiar smell brought by the medicinal materials 

are sucked away through the pipeline to protect the respiratory health of the production workers. The extracted gas is 

discharged after being filtered by KLC chemical bag filter and activated carbon filter to absorb peculiar smell.


▲ Tablet raw material mixing workshop


▲ Class C Pill production workshop. clean air is filtered by the KLC HEPA Mini-pleated Filter, 

it is injected into the workshop through HEPA box.


▲ The automatic pill production line effectively improves production efficiency while reducing the 

number of people in the workshop and reducing the risk of drug contamination.


▲ Preparation workshop meeting GMP requirements


▲ Washing, drying, filling and rolling linkage line for external medicine products


▲ In the injection filling linkage line, the air cleanliness of the workshop is required to reach Class B, 

and the local laminar flow is Class A. Production workers need to wear dust-free clothing and 

pass through KLC stainless steel air shower when enter.


▲ The sorting workshop for the star product "Baicao Oil" of Luofu is produced in a Class D cleanroom, 

which no more than 200cfu/m³ of planktonic bacteria and less than 100cfu/4h of sedimentation bacteria.


▲ The spotless new extraction workshop, temperature and humidity also need to be strictly controlled.


▲ Packaging production in ordinary clean area

All the dosage forms and production lines currently owned by Luofu Mountain Sinopharm have passed GMP certification. It is not only the certification that Luofu Mountain Sinopharm is at the forefront of the domestic Chinese medicine and pharmaceutical counterparts, but also the affirmation of KLC's clean air solutions and products. KLC is willing to use more advanced air cleaning technology, high-quality products and services to help Chinese medicine move to a new level.