HEPA Box Installation Guidance

September 15, 2021

There are some cautions before installing the HEPA box, because if the installation were not in place, it will directly influence the cleanliness of the clean room or dust-free workshop, so every installation details should be carefully handled.

Precautions before installation

1.First of all, we have to make sure that the size and efficiency of the HEPA box must be in line with the on-site design requirements of the clean room and customer application standards.

2.The joint between the flange of HEPA box and the ceiling plate of the clean room needs to be sealed with gasket pad. Any gap is not allow, have to be sealed well. Breakage or coating damage HEPA box shall not be installed, the air duct should be strictly connected with the HEPA box, open end with plastic film and adhesive tape reinforcement for airtightness.

3.Maintain the HEPA box and the clean room in a full range of cleaning, such as collecting the dust in the air conditioning system as per the cleaning standards, as well as the interlayer and ceiling. Additionally, the purification air conditioning system must run continuously for more than 1~2h, and check the cleanliness again.


4. The safe transportation of the HEPA box should be handled in strict accordance with the direction of the manufacturer's sign on the carton box. During processing of transportation, it should be handled gently to avoid vibration and collision.

5. Before installation of the HEPA box, it is necessary to check the air filter's appearance packaging, including whether the media pack, gasket and frame is intact; whether the sizes and filter model meet the requirements; whether there is burr and rust on the metal frame; whether there is a product qualification certificate and whether the technical performance meets the design requirements.

6.Perform the HEPA box air leakage detection with PAO scanning gun according to air filter's efficiency.


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