KLC& Dezhong Pharmaceutical Company

November 06, 2021

Chinese medicine culture is extensive and profound and has a long history.  It has gone through thousands of years of separating the wheat from the chaff, stirring the turbid and raising the clear, condensed into a unique cultural crystallization of the Chinese nation.  Among them, the classical ancient prescriptions and pharmaceutical technology are the treasures of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine culture.  With the development of modern pharmaceutical technology, the traditional Chinese medicine recipe has ushered in a new development opportunity. 


As one of the classic ancient lingnan Chinese proprietary medicines, Jilin Ganhe Tea from Foshan Yuan was created by The Father and son of Foshan Yuan in the late Qing Dynasty. It is well known to the lingnan people for its effective treatment of the plague (influenza) in the Pearl River Delta region at that time. It has been passed down from generation to generation and is affectionately called "He Zai Tea". 

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Yuanjiulin Ganhe tea is mainly composed of 35 Chinese herbal medicines, which is evolved from the addition and reduction of elsholtzia drink, Huoxiang Zhengqi Powder, Yinchen Artemisia soup and Pingwei Powder. It is combined with drugs such as heat clearing, dampness removing and spleen strengthening, and has the effects of dispelling wind and heat, relieving heat and eliminating food, promoting fluid and quenching thirst.  

Sinopharmaceutical Group Dezhong (Foshan) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the inheritor of the ancient ganhe tea recipe in Jilin Province. It has always followed the ancient recipe dispensing and techniques, kept the essence of the traditional process and realized the inheritance of Ganhe tea from history to modern times on the premise of conforming to modern PHARMACEUTICAL GMP (drug production quality management standard) and ensuring drug quality.  

Customer introduction: Dezhong Pharmaceutical

Sinopril Dezhong (Foshan) pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a modern Chinese patent medicine pharmaceutical enterprise with advanced technology, equipment and high-quality staff, leading the peers. Its annual sales exceed 400 million yuan, and its products sell well in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of China, as well as exported to southeast Asia and other countries.  

Dezhong pharmaceutical strictly adheres to the business purpose of "Germany in medicine, medicine for the public", and has won many honors and pride: in 2004, it was identified as a high-tech enterprise by guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology;  In 2011, Dezhong Pharmaceutical was identified as "Time-honored brand in China" by the Ministry of Commerce;  At the end of 2012, the company successfully passed the national new GMP certification.

Dezhong pharmaceutical has extremely strict requirements for the production of Chinese patent medicine.  From raw materials, production process, equipment, software and personnel operation are clearly defined to ensure that the environmental control of drug production and standardized production meet the requirements of drug quality.  Because in the production process of Proprietary Chinese medicine, raw materials will frequently contact people, equipment and be exposed to the air, which is easy to be contaminated by microorganisms or fine dust particles, resulting in mildew and spoilage of products. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on a clean production environment to control pollution sources in the air.  Therefore, it is necessary to choose the appropriate air filter cleaning program and air filtration products. 

In addition to such products as Yuanji Gan and tea, Dezhong pharmaceutical also has 75 product varieties, including tablets, granules, rubber paste, capsule, spray, pill and other six dosage forms.  Therefore, Dezhong pharmaceutical for the production of drugs in the air cleanliness requirements are very strict.  According to the different process requirements, the plant is divided into a number of areas with different air cleanliness requirements, and aseptic production is often required in the most core area.

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After KLC visits and repeated discussions, we developed the most comprehensive and cost-effective clean air solutions for Dezhong Pharmaceutical, and built dust-free workshops in line with GMP high standards for Dezhong Pharmaceutical.

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▲ Jilin Ganhe tea production line previously

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▲ The air purified by KLC filter is injected into the TCM concentration workshop located in the general clean area

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▲ The pellet production workshop is equipped with KLC mini-pleat HEPA filter and KLC high efficiency HEPA box

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▲ There are strict requirements for the air cleanliness, temperature and humidity of the clean workshop in the production process of tablet dry granulation. The staff must be fully armed, and the staff must go through the KLC stainless steel air shower room for blowing

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▲ Dust-free Dezhong Biyanling tablet production line

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▲ Mechanized automatic packing, effectively improve production efficiency and reduce personnel to bring dust particles

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▲ KLC mini-pleat HEPA filter can effectively control the air cleanliness of GMP workshop

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▲ Filling production line under KLC laminar flow hood

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▲ Different production workshops have different air cleanliness requirements

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▲ Inspection line for medicinal glass bottles

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▲ The glass bottle washing, drying and rolling linkage line shall be in class A clean area

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▲ The gas produced by the automatic shot production line is collected and treated by KLC combined filter before being discharged

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▲ KLC stainless steel high efficiency HEPA box located in pellet polishing and selecting production line ensures jet speed and prevents vortex generation

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▲ Automatic control pill production line

In the long course of development, Dezhong Pharmaceutical industry strictly adheres to the business tenet of "Virtue is in medicine, medicine is for the public", and constantly develops new products while inheriting and carrying forward traditional Buddhist medicine.  Dezhong pharmaceutical chose to cooperate with KLC to create a clean production workshop in strict accordance with THE requirements of GMP, combining modern pharmaceutical with traditional technology, and carrying forward the classic Chinese medicine prescriptions with quality.