Air shower installation precautions

September 28, 2022

Air shower installation precaution

1. Please pay attention do not use volatile oil, thinner, etc. to wipe the body.

2. When using, try not to use it in the following places: low temperature, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, dusty and places with oily smoke and mist. 

3. Please do not knock or impact the glass to avoid personal injury.

4.  Ensure the maintenance space for the replacement of the filter and the maintenance of electrical components and lines.

5. After the electric purification project is ready, it should be adjusted to the level as far as possible before wiring and power connection.

6. Confirm whether the rated voltage and frequency of this product are consistent with the parameters of the input power supply, so as to avoid damage to electrical components and cause fire.

7. Please do not insert or unplug the power plug with wet hands to avoid electric shock. Be sure to plug the power plug into a grounded outlet.


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