Epidemic prevention and control is the responsibility, KLC has a call to reach it!

February 29, 2020

At the beginning of 2020, a sudden outbreak spread from Wuhan to the whole country in less than a month. The rising number of daily confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia affects the hearts of people across the country. In the face of the raging epidemic, many medical staff and enterprises have stood up against the current and stood on the front line of "anti-epidemic".


According to research, the reason why the new type of coronavirus pneumonia is menacing is that the virus is mainly transmitted by air (respiratory droplets) and contact.

The seriousness of the virus infection lies in the following aspects:

① Outbreak-can cause a large number of people to be infected in a short time.

② Large area of infection-can cause a national pandemic.

③ The infection dose is extremely low-for example, eating 100 million P. thermotus germs can infect humans, and inhaling 10 to 50 P. thermophilus will cause disease.

④ Direct transmission can be converted into indirect transmission-when microbial aerosol is deposited on the body, hands or other accessible surfaces, infection can also occur through contact with susceptible areas (such as eyes).

The importance of hospital air filtration systems

As the designated frontline hospital for epidemic control, while treating patients with pneumonia infected by a new type of coronavirus, it is also necessary to prevent the leakage of bacterial-containing air in the isolation ward and discharge to adjacent rooms or the environment outside the ward. Protect paramedics entering the ward or other patients in the ward. Therefore, the air filtration system of the isolation ward is particularly important.

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At the same time, the size of the virus, about 100 nanometers in diameter, was seen in the electron microscope image of China's first virus (new coronavirus Wuhan strain 01), which was successfully isolated by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

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This means that when the virus particles are combined with the body fluids of an infected person, their size can reach more than 5 microns. "—Robert Naviaux, a virologist and a professor at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine.

Therefore, the KLC air filtration system's mini pleat HEPA filter / HEPA filter can effectively capture dust particles or other biological aerosols in the air, thereby achieving the effect of effectively blocking the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms and preventing and controlling the spread of viruses.

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KLC mini pleated HEPA filter (H13, H14), for fine particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns or more, the filtration efficiency is 99.97% and 99.995%, and KLC mini pleated HEPA filter (U15) are suitable for diameters of 0.12 microns The fine particles have a filtration efficiency of 99.9995%, and have low pressure loss and long service life.

Faced with a raging epidemic, prevention and control is the responsibility. KLC people carry not only the lives, health and safety of patients and frontline "anti-epidemic" medical staff, but also a heavy social responsibility. Do a good job in the maintenance and inspection of the air filter system and replace the air filter in time in the infectious area for the designated epidemic-resistant hospitals. KLC must call to escort your life!

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▲ KLC technicians returned to work urgently to replace the air filter for the negative pressure ward of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University (the designated hospital for patients with new-type coronavirus infection pneumonia in Guangdong)

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▲Armed KLC technicians to prevent bacteria and dust particles from being brought into the isolation ward.

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▲KLC technician is replacing KLC mini pleated ULPA filter

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▲Maintenance the air vents in isolation ward

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▲A negative pressure isolation ward equipped with a KLC air filtration system. The static pressure of the air in the ward is lower than that in the adjacent ambient air outside the ward. Effectively prevent airborne diseases from infecting the environment outside the ward and people outside the patient

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▲The air supply of the negative pressure isolation ward meets the requirements of DN11 / 409-2007 "Indoor Air Health Quality Requirements for Hospital Infectious Diseases", the HEPA box is equipped with low resistance ULPA filter.

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▲In the negative pressure isolation ward, air flow is sent up and down, the indoor air flow passes through the medical staff before flowing to the patient, finally, it is discharged through the exhaust vent, a well-oriented airflow is formed, quick and effective removal of pollutants exhaled by patients

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▲Without disturbing ordinary patients, orderly maintenance work is carried out.

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▲Replacement of air inlet air filter in general ward

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▲Fresh air is sent to ordinary ward through pre-filter, medium filter and heat and humidity treatment, then via HEPA box of KLC.

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▲Troubleshoot the air filtration system in the quarantine area of Zhongshan Third Hospital.

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▲Maintenance and inspection work needs to be done carefully and not carelessly

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Clean and replace the primary pleated filter in time

KLC Clean Air Solution

During this extraordinary period, KLC escorted the “anti-epidemic” battle of the Zhongshan Sanyuan. This is not only the customer's affirmation of KLC technical services, but also the trust and recognition of KLC clean air solutions and product quality.

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KLC Medical Industry Clean Air Solutions

KLC is a well-known domestic air cleaning solution provider. Our air filters and related supporting equipment have been widely used in many large-scale top three hospitals in China. They are strictly used for purification areas such as isolation wards, operating rooms, ICUs, and dispensing rooms. Control the cleanliness of the air and protect your life. (Customers ranked in no particular order)

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The epidemic is fierce. This is not just the first-line medical staff fighting alone. This is a war "outbreak" in the whole society. As a part of society, we have the responsibility and obligation to provide the strongest guarantee and maximum support for the fight against the epidemic. KLC, we are always there!