Installation and Application of Pass Box

February 02, 2021

The Pass Box is a kind of auxiliary equipment that is used for the transfer of small objects between different clean areas from the non-clean area to the clean area. And it has the function of air lock to prevent the non-clean air from entering the clean room. At the same time, it effectively reduces the number of door openings in the clean room and minimizes the pollution of the clean room.

01 Classification of Pass Box

According to the working principle, the Pass Box is divided into General Pass Box and Dynamic Pass Box (Dynamic Pass Box also can be divided into Air shower Pass Box and Laminar Flow Pass Box).


General Pass Box


Pass Box with Air Shower

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DOP Dynamic Pass Box

According to the door interlock system, it divided into electronic interlock pass box or mechanical interlock pass box.

Electronic interlock pass box: adopt integrated circuits, electromagnetic locks, control panels, indicator lights to realized interlock. When one door is opened, the other door’s indicator will not light up to indicate the door cannot be opened, at the same time, the electromagnetic lock action achieves interlocking. When the doors are closed, the electromagnetic lock starts to work, and the indicator light will light up, indicating that the other door can be open.

Mechanical interlock pass box: the interlocking system is realized in a mechanical form. When one door is opened, the other door cannot be open, and you have to close this door to open the other door.


02 Installation of Pass Box

It will need to choose a proper location on the wall to open a hole with around 10mm larger than the outer diameter of the Pass Box. After opening the hole, put the Pass Box into the wall (usually in the middle of the wall). In order to fix it smoothly, rounded corners or other decorative strips is recommended to use to fill the gap between the Pass Box and the wall.

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03 How to use the Pass Box

1.Materials entering and leaving the clean area must be strictly separated from the flow of people, entering and leaving the production workshop through a dedicated channel for materials.

2.For material enters, the raw and auxiliary materials are unpacked by the person in charge of the preparation work process, and send to the workshop material temporary storage room through the Pass Box; Or for the inner packaging materials which are unpacked in the outer temporary storage room, and then send to the inner room through Pass Box; Or for Workshop integrator handles material handover with the person in charge of preparation and inner packing process.

3.When passing through the Pass Box, it must be strictly implemented "one door open and one door close" provision, two doors cannot be opened at the same time. Open the outer door to put the material in and close the outer door, then open the inner door to take out the material, close the door.

4.When sending out the materials in the clean area, the materials should be transported to the relevant material intermediate station first, and removed from the clean area according to the reverse procedure when the materials enter.

5.All semi-finished products are transported from the clean area to the external temporary storage room through the Pass Box, and then transferred to the external packaging room through the logistics channel.

6.Materials and wastes that are highly likely to cause pollution should be transported to the unclean area from a dedicated Pass Box.

7.After entering and exiting the material, the site of each cleaning room or intermediate station and the Pass Box should be cleaned in time, the internal and external doors of the Pass Box should be closed.

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