Fresh Air Cabinet
    · Mini AHU, multi-stage filtration box
    · Good sealing performance
    · Connect with duct and configure the professional filters
    · Optional filtration stages: pre filter + medium filter / pre filter + medium filter + HEPA filter / pre filter + HEPA filter etc.
Hand Cleaner
    · Clean and dry hand before enter into cleanroom
    · Automatic control with sensor
    · Equipped medium filter for self-cleaning
    · Optional cabinet material: cold rolled steel with powder coated / stainless steel 304
Clean Wardrobe
    · Use at the clean dressing room, provide internal cleaning process for clothing
    · Electronic control system
    · Equipped HEPA filter for 99.99% efficiency
    · Customized design
Self-clean Device
    · Moveable self-clean equipment
    · Optional back-up source to increase range of movement
    · High quality fan motor, low noise and long life span