Electrostatic Filter

Electrostatic Filter

Average efficiency:F8(EN779)/MERV15(ASHRAE52.2)
PM2.5 removal efficiency: >90%
Microbes removal efficiency: >90%
Noxious gas removal (formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC etc.)

Electrostatic Filter-Air Filter | Air Filter Manufacturer in China - KLC Cleantech

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Product Feature

1 Sterilization and dust removal, efficient purification 

Effectively capture dust particles as small as 0.01μm in the air and kill microorganisms attached to the dust particles. At the same time, the solid-state regulated power supply enables the equipment to maintain high-efficiency and long-lasting filtration efficiency.

2 Low energy consumption, low operating costs

The resistance is about 20 Pa, which greatly reduces system energy consumption while ensuring indoor air quality. Low power consumption, the maximum power consumption of a single unit is 31W.

3 Green environmental protection, no secondary pollution

Bacterial dust is sintered and carbonized on the dust collection plate to avoid secondary contamination.

4 Durable and long service life

Lifespan of up to 10 years. Also end-of-life materials are recyclable.

Working Principle

The initial pre-filter of the KLC electrostatic filter first pre-filters the large particles of impurities and dust in the air, and then the air enters the high-voltage ionization section. This section inputs electrostatic high voltage to ionize and charge the particles in the air. At the same time, high-voltage static electricity will penetrate the cell structure of bacteria and viruses, and completely kill the bacteria and viruses. The charged particles then enter the dust collection section. Different static voltages are input in this section, so that the dust collecting plate is opposite to the charged particles, so that the particles are adsorbed on the dust collecting plate, thereby achieving the effect of sterilization and dust removal.


Technology parameter (Standard)

Product name

KLC-EST single ion type

KLC-EST double ion type

KLC-EST double ion type

Number of ion boxes122
Input voltage/current(V/A)220/0.18220/0.21220/0.20
Output voltage/current(KV/mA)6.2/3.26.2/3.26.2/3.2
Initial resistance(Pa)202020
Rated air volume(m³/h)170034003400

Technology parameter (Compound)

Product name

KLC-EST single ion type

KLC-EST double ion typ

Rated air volume(m³/h)17003400
Optional initial effect (G4) filter370x610x226680x610x226
Optional UV lamp370x610x220680x610x220
Input power(PH/V/Hz)1/220/501/220/50
Output voltage/current(KV/mA)6.2/3.26.2/3.2

Structure diagram


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