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Weighing Booth

Weighing Booth

Cabinet material: 304 stainless steel wire drawing board
Control panel: PLC intelligent control
Air velocity: 0.35~0.65m/s, automatically adjusted
Air supply: vertical air flow
Clean class: ISO5 (static 100)

Weighing Booth | Sampling Booth Manufacturer in China - KLC Cleantech

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Product information

The Weighing Booth, also known as Negative Pressure Room is a dedicated local decontamination unit that conforms to the latest version of GMP for the production of sterile formulation. It provides a vertical unidirectional airflow with a fraction (80% - 90%) of clean air circulating through the working area, and another fraction (10% - 20%) discharged to the vicinity of the working area to provide negative pressure to prevent dust spill and cross-contamination in the work area, in order to ensure a high degree of cleanliness of the working environment.


◎ Efficiency

continuous negative pressure to prevent cross contamination, and to ensure the high clean class level of the working area.

◎ Uniform air flow 

supply clean vertical unidirection airflow, creat a virtuous circle of air recirculation.

◎ Flexibility

control panel control, easy maintainance and exchange of filters.

◎ Durable

high quality materials to ensure the long life-span of the equipment.

Custom Design

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Product Specification

External Size (WxLxHmm)




Internal Size (WxLxHmm)1100x700x20001200x800x20002300x1300x2000

Working area air flow


Power (W)270400750
Wind speed (m/s)0.3-0.6m/s adjustable
Clean classA
Noise dB≤65
lllumination (lux)≥300lux
Power voltage220V 50Hz 1PH

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