Laminar Air Flow Ceiling Manufacturer in China - KLC Cleantech

Laminar Flow Ceiling

Laminar Flow Ceiling

Cabinet material: Cold rolled steel with powder coated / Stainless steel.
Efficiency: 99.99%@0.3μm
Advantage: Applying leading resistance drain layer technology which allows reasonable airflow distribution inside clean room , effectively guarantee the indoor cleanliness.

Laminar Air Flow Ceiling Manufacturer in China - KLC Cleantech

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Production information

Air ceiling is widely used at operating room and laminar flow as final filtration system. It has the effect of a high efficiency filtration, current and airflow compensation function.


1. Domestic and foreign leading technology

The KLC Laminar Flow Ceiling is leading a domestic and foreign resistance drain layer technology. The use of this equipment can be a reasonable distribution of clean room airflow, and to effectively guarantee the indoor cleanliness.

2. Effects and functions are affirmed

KLC series clean air ceiling is the crystallization of the experience and practice of the operating room supplying air. This air supplying has been put into use of verification of nearly 1,000 operating rooms. Its superior performance and unique diffuser can evenly sent the air to the work area. The central flow compensation device can effectively eliminate the heat generated updraft of laminar flow of the energy equipment.

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Product Specification





Inlet size (LxWxHmm)2600x24002600x18002600x1400
Velocity (m/s)0.450.30.23
Efficiency (%@0.3um)99.99
Filter typeSeparator or combine

Class I super clean

 operating room

Class II super clean 

operating room

Class III super clean 

operating room

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Widely used in the operation room, surgery room, clean room, clean wards, clean animal housing and other projects.

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