Fresh Air Cabinet

Clean Air Cabinet

Mini AHU, multi-stage filtration box
Good sealing performance
Connect with duct and configure the professional filters
Optional filtration stages: pre filter + medium filter / pre filter + medium filter + HEPA filter / pre filter + HEPA filter etc.

Clean Air Cabinets and Boxes Manufacturer in China - KLC Cleantech

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Product information

Good sealing performance, connect with duct and configure the professional filters, the fresh air cabinet does primary filtration treatment and ensures that the air into the indoor is fresh and clean.

High-quality configuration

Professional - structure is flexible and compact, low noise, smooth operation, adjustable pressure, long life usage and other characteristics.

Flexibility - according to the special requirements of the new wind , configure the relative performance of the filter.

Diversity -1. variety sizes of flange optional

           2. 1000 different air flow is available 1000CMH ~ 5000CMH etc.

Custom Design

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Product Specification






External size (LxWxHmm)


Air Flow (m³/h)

2000 ~ 30003000 ~ 40004000 ~ 50005000 ~ 7000

Noise dB



G1 + H13G1 + H13G1 + H13G1 + F8

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Used in laboratory, operating room, biopharmaceutical, LED lights, circuit boards, microelectronics, medical industry, food processing and other clean fresh air demanding work environment;

Also widely used in civil construction of the ventilation system, be applied to the housing building plus wind and equiblast of fire control system, purification air pressurizing and supplement and other occasion

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